Favorite Beach, Bikini and Lunch.. GO

Guest Blog Post from Gone Bananas Babe, Natalie Blue!

My favorite beaches, what bikini I would wear and where I would grab lunch on the way!

Okay, I have to start with my home beach in Carlsbad. Good ole’ Tamarack. Being at Tamarack makes me want to have children of my own ASAP. There are always the cutest family gatherings here and I love the amount of sand there is so that everyone can spread out. While I’m at Tamarack you can catch me in the Bond-Eye ‘Le Tigre Seeker Top and Scene Brief’ and you better believe I will be grabbing a gluten free wrap from Board & Brew on my way!




Is it just me or does everyone else instantly feel cooler as soon as they get on the sand at Moonlight beach? Here, you will find me either playing volleyball, going exploring south of the wooden stairs or in most cases napping after indulging at The Taco Stand. The Sonora tacos are fabulous and as long as you get them on corn tortillas they are gluten free! I would want to be rocking a more retro fit at Moonlight so I would wear the VitaminA ‘Lou Top with the California High Leg Bottom.’



I surf so I have to include my favorite, mellow surf spot, Pipes. LSpace suits always stay put while I’m playing water sports so while I’m at Pipes I would throw on the ‘Lay It On Line Gemma Top and Frenchi Bottom.’ I normally surf in the morning so after a good morning sesh I would grab a cup of coffee from one of the local coffee carts that usually line up along coast highway. Then I'd head across the street to Pipes Café and to get their bacon scrambler with corn tortillas on the side.



 (Photos: @ampayaban on Instagram!) 


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