BOUND Crinkle by Bond-Eye Core Solids Cobalt Recycled

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      "Make Waves with BOUND Crinkle's Cobalt Collection! Dive into the deep blue sea of style with our vibrant and versatile two-piece bikinis and monokinis. No matter your shape or size, these pieces are your perfect fit – they're one size fits most!
      But that's not all! Our Cobalt collection isn't just about looking good; it's about doing good too! 🌍💚 These delicate yet high-quality pieces are crafted from recycled fabric, so you can rock that beach look while giving back to the planet.
      So why wait? Get ready to slay in Cobalt and leave a trail of ocean envy wherever you go!  #BoundToDazzle #CobaltCoolness #FashionWithAPurpose"